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7EVEN BRIDGES is a Dutch band fronted by Erik Krikke, an army veteran who suffered from PTSD. He wrote a book about his struggles with this. For him writing that book was a therapeutic way to deal with everything, it saved his life. As unexpexted success gave him the chance to give his life a u-turn. His band 7even Bridges gives him the chance to express his thoughts and feelings in a different way as well.

On this 2nd 7even Bridges album you will find enlighting, encouraging lyrics dealing with deep personal issues. Something many people can identify with and relate to in different ways.

The style, with respect, can be discribed as multilayered AOR driven poprock, seasoned with a pinch of gospel. An awesome album about going forward in life, facing your struggles while keeping the fire burning.

Songs like the tasteful campfire ballad “Never Stop Dreaming”, “Invincible” which is delivered as a vocal version of a seperated triptych painting, title song “Million Voices” with its massive 7 person choirish background vocals and the melancholic “Best Side” are absolute highlights.

The fragile “Bedtime Story” however is the absolute winner here. A song where everything comes together. Beautifull lyrics full of love and encouragement, delivered with a fantastic arrangement on which the whole band shines.

The more bryan Adams alike “Look At Me” and the americana/southern rock influenced “Baby Come Home” gives this album diversity and some more spice. It is all pretty much addictive stuff.

The album closes with a strong message to all on “Turn The Page”. I couldn’t agree more!

This pure, anthemic, concept album should make it possible for 7even Bridges to cross seven bridges and seven seas to maybe an international status.

Since the album was recorded there were a few lineup changes, but the band still has the same spine on which they are built. Personally i would have loved to see some more spiced rockers on it, but the album has a good balance the way it is.

Fans of AOR who like lyrics with a strong message will love this release without any doubt.

I see a bright future ahead for 7even Bridges.

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About 7even Bridges

Dutch AOR / prog-rockers 7even Bridges are able to get to the very heart of the emotions in an exceptional way and to touch the listeners' innermost feelings. With their passion for storytelling 7even Bridges have the courage to show who they are and what they stand for using lively music, poignant texts and headstrong distinguishable seven-part harmonies. 7even Bridges arouse emotion and challenge the listeners to find answers.


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