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Today Dutch AOR / prog-rockers 7even Bridges have announced their new album “Million Voices”, which will appear on 10 September 2021. With no less than 14 new tracks and with a playing time of more than an hour, this album tells the story of a warrior living in a split reality, in a world with a dark side, caught between hope and despair. There are but two alternatives, relapsing in despair again or rising stronger. The album is published online, as CD and as luxury double vinyl album. The first 300 copies have been numbered.

“Million Voices” is a tribute to life. “Million Voices” is the band’s second album and is in succession to the conceptalbum “#Breakthesilence” which was released in 2018 and was in the official Album Top 100 and in the Vinyl Top 33 for weeks. Once more the band have chosen for a genuine concept album. On the new album the band displays more of its symphonic and progressive rock influences, imbued with heartfelt emotions and its very distinguishable 7even Bridges sound of seven part harmonies.

“Million Voices” has been recorded and mixed in the Sound Vision Studios in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The half speed mastering has been taken care of by mastering engineer Miles Showell in the famous Abbey Roads Studio in London, England. In the past Miles Showell showed his magic in the music of world famous bands as The Beatles, Queen, Eric Clapton, The Who and The
Roling Stones.


About 7even Bridges

Dutch AOR / prog-rockers 7even Bridges are able to get to the very heart of the emotions in an exceptional way and to touch the listeners' innermost feelings. With their passion for storytelling 7even Bridges have the courage to show who they are and what they stand for using lively music, poignant texts and headstrong distinguishable seven-part harmonies. 7even Bridges arouse emotion and challenge the listeners to find answers.


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