Sep 9th 2021 (Fri) Arnhem Sound Vision Studios The Netherlands
Mar 17th 2022 (Thu) Wijchen ‘t Mozaïek The Netherlands
Mar 24th 2022 (Thu) Soest Idea The Netherlands
Apr 08th 2022 (Fri) Oss De Lievekamp The Netherlands
Apr 9th 2022 (Sat) Lochem Schouwburg The Netherlands
Apr 14th 2022 (Thu) Veldhoven De Schalm The Netherlands
Apr 23rd 2022 (Sat) Doetinchem Amphion The Netherlands
Apr 30th 2022 (Sat) Venlo De Maaspoort The Netherlands
May 4th 2022 (Thu) Houten Aan de Slinger The Netherlands
May 19th 2022 (Thu) Steenwijk De Meenthe The Netherlands
May 25th 2022 (Wed) Uden Markant The Netherlands
June 4th 2022 (Sat) Wijchen ‘t Mozaïek The Netherlands
August 20th 2022 (Sat) Gaanderen 7even Festival The Netherlands
October 14th 2022 (Fri) Steenwijk De Meenthe The Netherlands TICKETS
October 27th 2022 (Thu) Capelle a/d IJssel Isala The Netherlands TICKETS
November 11th 2022 (Fri) Hendrik Ido Ambacht C.C. Cascade The Netherlands
December 21st 2022 (Wed) Zwolle Zwolse Theaters The Netherlands TICKETS

About 7even Bridges

Dutch AOR / prog-rockers 7even Bridges are able to get to the very heart of the emotions in an exceptional way and to touch the listeners' innermost feelings. With their passion for storytelling 7even Bridges have the courage to show who they are and what they stand for using lively music, poignant texts and headstrong distinguishable seven-part harmonies. 7even Bridges arouse emotion and challenge the listeners to find answers.


7even Bridges