Gijs Pelgrom

Ludwig drums, Pearl hardware, Paiste, UFIP and Zildjan cymbals, LP and Schlagwerk percussion. (no endorsements, I just like the specific sounds... but in the end it’s about how to play them...)
How did you become a musician?
By playing in loads of bands.  

Where do you see yourself 20 years from now?
Possible as a grandfather... aging in good health.

Musical inspiration:
I cannot really pinpoint my inspiration... when I have the right focus, it flows naturally.

What’s in the music folder on your phone/computer/other device?
I’d rather listen to CD or Vinyl, that’s true quality.
What is your favorite song from each of your albums?
Keep Believing and Fear, from the #breakthesilence album.
Best tour experience off-stage:
Fans thanking us for the experience they’ve had during the show. And fans thanking me for the impact I’ve had on them playing the drums and percussion...

Best country to tour in:
Every country which I can get to by boat...
Best thing to get from fans on tour:
Connection through music
Warm-up ritual before you go on stage:
Relaxing and fooling around, because I’m always quite psyched before we go on stage.
Favorite food/drink:
Stamppot and erwtensoep
Favorite reads:
I like to learn, so a lot of non-fiction... And all books by Erik Krikke.
Favorite cartoon/comic:
Kuifje by Hergé
Favorite game/sports:
Powerlifting... and it shows ;-)

Your kind of heaven:
The life I try to live... (too deep?)
Your worst vice:
Fear of flying, but I’m working on it.

What would you do with a shitload of money:
Still making music with the best buddies of 7even Bridges.

Hobbies, or rather what you do on tour to pass long travel/wait times:
Visiting a museum with my love.

Place(s) you’d like to visit:
Wise words:
Be Kind
Last but not least: Is there something you need??!
Bitterkoekjes (the real ones from Holland)
Things to know about me:
All of the above
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